A Look into the Past


          What if you were given the chance to go back, to erase all the mistakes of your past, or even the mistakes of another individual? Maybe you were even given the chance to save a loved one from hardship or an iconic figure from death. What if I told you that if I were given the chance to go back to the past and change my mistakes or the mistakes of another I wouldn’t take it. Some might condemn my decision and label me as an ignorant human but frankly it’s a decision that I would stand by after reading the phenomenal novel 11/22/63. This novel truly stresses the themes of love and death. The author Stephen King creates a brilliant world similar to ours in every aspect apart from the concept of time travel which is very real in the small town of Lisbon Falls. While the idea of time travel is a bit far-fetched, Mr. King makes the process ever so life like on the premise that every decision we act upon influences the future in some way. We must accept the consequence from these decisions whether we like them or not. I believe our society has become so caught up in the present and dwelling on the past that we rarely think about what our effects on the future will be.  The future is at times a scary and unpredictable place and the only way we can enjoy a brighter tomorrow is through love and accepting our mistakes and the mistakes of others.