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           11/22/63 has given the reader a glimpse into the possible past, present and future. The plot brings to mind consequences of love, loss and acceptance. The novel was expertly written and I would not change a single page. Even though the book takes us back to a culture where men rule the workplace and cars were built for power not gas mileage, any generation can connect with the plot because of the love story that arises in the complex plot. The audience can relate to Jake Epping’s tale of love and loss because it is based on the lengths one might go to to protect their own love from harm. The many plot twists keep the reader interested through the enigma that is the concept of time travel that is so intelligently exploited. Unlike so many of the author’s works 11/22/63 doesn’t feel like a horror novel, even though there are some pretty gruesome conflicts that keep the reader on their toes. The nostalgic flavour and element of love that saturates the plot along with a more than satisfying conclusion makes the reader honestly believe in the virtuous nature of love. The powerful message of the consequences of our actions along with the pureness of love intensely drives the plot to a spectacular conclusion that leaves the reader satisfied yet still engrossed with the characters.