Love has such a dynamic presence in this novel and in our society in general. Love as an emotion can do anything from solve problems to cause problems and everything in between. How far would you go to prove your love, or to save your love from catastrophe? These questions are all brought to the surface in the fictional story 11/22/63. Love is an emotion that empowers us, unites us, and allows for us to live harmoniously among one another. Love is one of the strongest emotions we are capable of feeling and it gives us encouragement when all else has failed. We can believe in love and the pureness of this emotion but our modern society is the first to experience the emotion with limited to no restrictions. Up until about the eighteen hundreds love wasn’t accepted as an uncontrollable emotion where you could marry whoever your heart desired. Marriage was a custom to appease a deal or to correspond with economic status. Up until the 1800’s it was definitely not uncommon for parents to arrange a marriage to whomever they saw as a good match and paid little to no attention to how one felt about marrying the person. 


         This relatively new way of acting upon romantic love has transformed our society into a caring culture where any goal is attainable due to the fact we have the free will to mutually love one another. Justifiably so in the novel 11/22/63 the reader is attracted to the sub plot of the romantic loved shared between George Amberson a.k.a Jake Epping (the unsuspecting time traveler) and Sadie. Their romantic connection entangles the audience into a love so strong it could withstand the awesome power of time. Throughout the novel Jake Epping has to deal with the realisation that he has the power to change any catastrophic event in the timeline of the 1960’s. When Sadie’s face becomes disfigured by her deranged ex-husband; Jake experiences a great moral dilemma between bringing Sadie back to the future where modern day advancements in facial reconstruction would be able to fix her mangled face or to stick with his mission to at least in his mind to save the president and in turn change the present. Jake makes the decision to confront Sadie about his true identity and she decides that it is better to stay in the past and complete his duty. Jake Epping eventually completes his mission by killing the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald before he shoots the president. Unfortunately, Jake’s love Sadie dies in the crossfire. At the end of the novel after Jake resets the timeline to undo all of his mistakes. He travels to Jodie, Texas where the now elderly Sadie lives. Jake finds her and Sadie says she had seen him in her dreams and the novel ends while they dance to what was their favourite song in the alternate time stream. The ending of the novel suggests just how powerful the author views true love. The end of the novel showcases the awesome power of love by exemplifying that true love is strong enough to span across alternate timelines.      



Love in Society

Lee Harvey Oswald