Consequences of Love

         With all the positive influence love has on our culture love is also susceptible to a variety of negative consequences such as jealousy. Jealousy can drive people mad and can result in a person being terribly injured or killed. We as a society continue to hear about spousal abuse in the news and what many believe to be a the root of such a horrible offence is often misdirected and misguided love that turns into the crippling sense of jealousy and abusive control. The sad part is as much as marital abuse happens in our society; imagine how often this offence happened in the 1950’s through the 1960’s. While Jake was in the past he came across many incidences of spousal abuse. Men seemed not to mind and women would rarely discuss what happened in their own homes. As a result the problem was swept under the rug and became hard to solve. An interesting part of the past society was men were expected to be monsters and it was the woman's responsibility to change them. If the women were beaten society felt it was their own fault and it was woman's obligation to tame the demon inside men.